(This is professional name. In formal papers the name should be




Born in town of Stryi, Ukraine Republic

Was living: in Sumgait, Azerbaidzhanian SSR; in Moscow; in St.-Petersburg (former Leningrad), RUSSIA; in Mexico City, MEXICO.

Three sons: Vassilii (born on 7 December 1975 in Leningrad), Piotr (born on 9
February 1996 in Mexico City ), and Oleg (born on 27 April 2005 in Mexico City, )

Married to Tatiana Turchakova 

CITIZENSHIP: Mexico and Russian Federation 



Ph.D. equivalent degree in Cybernetics (Candidate of Technical Sciences) from
the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (with the Keldysh Institute for Applied
Mathematics of Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow, as the leading
referee organization on the dissertation), Leningrad, USSR


M.Sc. degree from the Leningrad State University in Mathematics with minor
in Computer Science, Leningrad, USSR


School-leaving certificate from the Kolmogorov High School in Mathematics
and Physics of Moscow State University, Moscow, USSR


Present - 1994

Research Professor of La Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana,
(Profesor Titular "C") , Mexico City, MEXICO


Vice-Director in Charge of Research & Development, ITM
(Informational Technology and Models) Ltd, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

1993- 1992

Head of Research & Development Department, ITM Ltd.,
St-Petersburg, Russia

1992 - 1986

Head of Laboratory of Mathematics and Computer Science
Technology,CRDIRTC (Central Research & Development Institute
for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics of the St-Petersburg State
Polytechnic University), Saint-Petersburg, Russia

1986 - 1984

Senior Research Associate, CRDIRTC, Leningrad, USSR

1984 – 1982

Leading Engineer, CRDIRTC, Leningrad, USSR

1982 - 1980

Senior Engineer, CRDIRTC, Leningrad, USSR

1980 - 1974

Engineer, CRDIRTC, Leningrad, USSR


I am trained in algebraic topology and my master thesis was in this area. Thesis was supervised by Vladimir A. Rokhlin.

Then, while working in CRDIRTC (1974-1992), I was involved in research related to a large variety of applications: information processes of control systems, computer simulation of complex systems, software development for the Soviet space-shuttle program "Buran", and image processing. During that period I took my part in 14 projects related mainly to spacecraft industry and defense; in CRDIRTC I obtained in co-authorship certificates for several patents listed below. My PhD dissertation was based on the results obtained for those projects. A concise description of my personal impact in the projects developed in CRDIRTC can be found here.

During my work in ITM Ltd., (1992-1994), I dealt with 2 projects: development of an integrated computer system for the power plant at the city of Surgut (Siberia, Russia); and development of a system for simulation of social and economic processes of the region of Surgut for urban planning. This project was supported by the Administration of Surgut. The first turn subsystem of the integrated system for the power plant was successfully incorporated in practice. For both projects my role included as supervision as well as research &development functions.

While working with UAM (1994-present), I have developed several novel techniques. The two most relevant of them are briefly described below:

• I invented a periodicity-based image processing, [33], [50]. This approach is applicable for different goals, for example: for a high-precision detection of shift-invariant image locations; transformation of the raster images to some data structures convinient for a semantical analysis of the image content [48]; and it leads to a novel technique of noise-tolerant computation of optical flow[52], which is particularly promising for medical applications and night-vision systems.

• For non-Cartesian robot navigation, I proposed a bi-graph model of the robot and its environment, and an extended shortest-path problem that represents mathematically a robot navigation task posed in a natural language, [47]. It turns out to be that the extended shortest-path problem has an efficient solution by dynamic programming. This approach can be applied to creation of human-robot interface based on natural geographic concepts.


2000- 2003 (October 16, 2000- October 15, 2003), Grant 400200-5-34812-A of CONACYT for research project "Structural Recognition in Images".

1996-1998 - Grant 400200-5-1453PA of CONACYT for research project SAVER (Sistema de Aprendizaje Visual Experimental para Robots; i.e. An Experimental Robot Learning System Based on Vision) .

1994-1996 - a grant of CONACYT for visiting research position to work with Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico.


2001-2004: member of SNI (Sistema Nacional de Investigadores, i.e. National System of Researchers of Mexico), level I.


Running lecture courses for master students (Computer Vision, Functional Analysis, Machine Learning, Optimal Filtering, Control Theory, and others), and for ungraduate students (Probability and Statistics, Numerical Methods, Introduction to Computer Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics (OpenGL), and several special courses on advances in Image Processing), La UAM , Mexico , 1994-2015.

Supervising a number of theses (Master in Computer Science) and terminal projects (Computer Engineearing, ungraduated level). Two master students were graduated with Honour Medal. La UAM, Mexico, 1995-2014.

A number of tutorials held at Czech Technical University, Prague,where I was invited to by the Center for Machine Perception for a two months period, November-December 2001.

A number of tutorials held at Vrije Universiteit Brussel organizaed by the Belgian research community on Image Processing Systems, 1998.

Supervising a thesis in Computer Science, the Leningrad Radio Polytechnic College, 1988

Lecturing at Leningrad Pedagogic Institute (some topics of Mathematical Analysis, undergraduate level), 1973

Teaching at Summer School of Leningrad Region for Children Clever at Mathematics, 1970


My native language is Russian. I can speak and write English and Spanish.


Swimming. Growing grapes.


In the list of works below the following notation is used:
• "#" means a technical report;

• "ACP" 
means author’s certificate on an USSR national patent.


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NOTE: The research software for experiments of this paper is here. You can try it with your own pictures.

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