Description of my work in CRDIRTC (1974 – 1992)

1. In several projects (1974 – 1981), I dealt with applications of methods of mathematical statistics, efficient estimation of parameters of stochastic processes, especially of Poisson’s processes. I proposed and studied some original methods and algorithms based on the Nonius’s principle for precise, selective measurement of the positions in space of a set of photonic sources. In this field, I developed in co-authorship materials for three USSR national patents on 5 objects. My Ph.D. dissertation presented in 1980 is based mainly on those results.

2.  Later (1981-1983), I worked with simulation of electrical processes in a regulation system for sun batteries of satellites. The mathematical model of the system includes about 150 differential and algebraic equations, as well as a complicated logic. The problem of adequate simulation was successfully solved using an original approach developed specially for the project.

3. Then (1984 – 1992), I was in charge of technology of programming of the manipulator for the Soviet Space Shuttle Program "Buran". I participated in 3 projects concerning with the program. Two of them were dedicated, respectively, to software of the manipulator, and software of the training system for operators of the manipulator. The software of these two projects was successfully certified by all terrain tests specified by the Program.

4. During the same period I initiated and supervised in CRDIRTC research and software development related to Robot Intelligence, Computer Vision and close fields. In particular, under my supervision and with my personal participation as a researcher and developer, there was successfully developed software for acquisition and processing of visual information. The project (1985-1987) was supported by the All Union Research Institution for TV, Leningrad. Then, I proposed a new approach to visually guided robot grasping. In particular, I am one of co-authors of the USSR national patent protecting the approach.